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housing affordability

Australia's housing crisis

Australia’s housing crisis

Australia’s housing crisis has become a fiercely debated topic, capturing the attention of policymakers, economists, and the general public alike. As the nation grapples with the multifaceted challenges of housing affordability, accessibility, and sustainability, the discourse surrounding this issue has evolved into a complex web of competing narratives, proposed solutions, and ideological clashes. Amidst growing public discontent and calls for action, housing has pushed its way to the forefront of political debate once more, demanding attention from policymakers, advocacy groups, and the general public alike. Political parties are compelled to grapple with this multifaceted issue, as voters demand tangible solutions […]

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Adviseable Is housing affordable in Australia

Is housing affordable in Australia..?

There is a constant debate going on in Australia. Is housing affordable? Barnaby Joyce wants us to move to the country because it’s more affordable. Others are saying tighten your belt and start saving more. Scott Morrison says we have to create more housing and increase the supply. There are real consequences if the Government moved to make housing ‘more affordable’.. reviewing negative gearing or capital gains provisions for investors, for example. Yet most major cities around the world who don’t use similar structures also have very high prices – like Hong Kong or New York – and any

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