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Ballarat Town Centre

Why I am bullish about Ballarat

There has been plenty written about the strength of Australia’s regional property markets over the past two years in particular. However, some major regional centres were making property waves long before that because of their growing populations and significant new or upgraded infrastructure. A case in point in Ballarat, which is only just over one hour’s train journey on the new and improved line north of Melbourne. Ballarat has been classed as one of our nation’s strongest regional cities from a property investment point of view for some time because of its diverse economy, low unemployment, population growth, as well …

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property portfolio

Don’t let Media Hype derail your property portfolio

All those people with an agenda and in need of airtime are fighting it out to be the ones with the largest and loudest crystal ball. Remember them? Unfortunately, negative media hype can easily scare you away from building your property portfolio. As the Covid pandemic was taking hold back in 2020 we were being told that property prices would plunge 30% … many, many people put off buying property, fearful of what was to come. And what happened? Almost the exact opposite with stellar capital growth in so many property markets. Those that didn’t buy gave themselves a good …

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poverty investing

Relationship breakdown pushing women into poverty 

New research out recently makes for very sober reading for any woman who is concerned about her financial future.Research from From Partnered to Single: Financial Security Over a Lifetime, by the Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research, has found that when a heterosexual relationship breaks down, women are at a much higher risk of falling into poverty than men – especially if they have children to care for. The research by Dr Barbara Broadway and Professor Guyonne Kalb from the University of Melbourne found that a woman’s household income decreased on average by thirty per cent after a breakup, …

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rental properties

Where have all the rental properties gone?

It was only a little over two years ago that the shuttering of our international borders was seemingly going to see our rental markets flooded with empty rental properties.  Sure, for a short period, inner-city unit stock in Sydney and Melbourne bore the brunt of the pandemic; but everywhere else started to experience the opposite. Rental vacancy rates had been falling for several years before the pandemic. Actually, their downward trajectory was already well entrenched before 2020. So, where have all the rental properties gone when our population has flat-lined? There is no definite answer to this question. But, it …

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election result for women

What will the election results mean for women?

The election result is in, and we’re glad it’s over! I don’t know about you, but at myself and the Adviseable team are very pleased that the election results are in and Federal Election is now over! While the impact on property markets didn’t seem to be as pronounced as during previous campaigns, the endless policy launches and general “one-up-man-ship” does get a little tiresome as the weeks drag on. Most polls had pointed to a change in government – although they did last time, too, and were wrong – but generally speaking I don’t think many people are surprised …

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Retired couple celebrating

How much do you need for your retirement?

How are your finances stacking up for your retirement? Can the average Australian build a retirement ready property portfolio? Will your retirement nest-egg be enough to provide you with the lifestyle you expect? How big will your asset base need to be, for you to be retiring comfortably? What is realistic and achievable? We have crunched the numbers to put together a guide to creating a ‘comfortable’ passive income in retirement by using the leverage available to you through property investment. Facts about retirement in Australia ASIC and MoneySmart suggest the average Australian couple will need around $64,000 a year …

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Adviseable when to buy an investment property

Too much bad news to invest right now?

So many sad events left many reeling and worried about what the heck is coming next. And it gives so so many investors the perfect excuse to not invest (again), to procrastinate, to wait and see, to just wait for things to calm down – sound familiar?

Why my money is on Moreton Bay this year

From a surging population, to myriad major infrastructure projects, including a brand-new university in Petrie and the redevelopment of Caboolture Hospital, the Moreton Bay region ticks many investment fundamental boxes for new and seasoned investors.

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