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buying a property together

Buying a property with a family member or friend

Guest Blog – Tina Howes – SmartMove In more recent years, as property has become more expensive, buying a property with another party other than your partner or spouse has become more common as a way of pooling deposits and getting in to the market sooner but doing so is not without its complexities or potential downfalls.  I have summarised the key points to be aware of before entering into this type of arrangement.  Loan application Both purchasers will be assessed for their ability to afford the loan jointly. If you are both on the title on the property, you …

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property portfolio

Don’t let Media Hype derail your property portfolio

All those people with an agenda and in need of airtime are fighting it out to be the ones with the largest and loudest crystal ball. Remember them? Unfortunately, negative media hype can easily scare you away from building your property portfolio. As the Covid pandemic was taking hold back in 2020 we were being told that property prices would plunge 30% … many, many people put off buying property, fearful of what was to come. And what happened? Almost the exact opposite with stellar capital growth in so many property markets. Those that didn’t buy gave themselves a good …

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rental properties

Critical undersupply of rental properties to persist

Rental Properties around Australia New data released recently has confirmed the critical undersupply of rental properties around the nation. According to SQM Research, the national residential rental vacancy hit just one per cent in March – the lowest level in 16 years. The last time the national vacancy rate was this low, “Kevin07” wasn’t even a thing yet! To understand what this metric really means it’s vital to know that the equilibrium point of supply and demand in the rental market is generally considered to be three per cent. This means that a vacancy rate of one per cent is …

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Adviseable when to buy an investment property

Too much bad news to invest right now?

So many sad events left many reeling and worried about what the heck is coming next. And it gives so so many investors the perfect excuse to not invest (again), to procrastinate, to wait and see, to just wait for things to calm down – sound familiar?

Adviseable Buying property well in any market

Tips for buying well in any property market

Being sure you are, ‘buying well’ in your next Property investment can be a daunting process at the best of times. Right now, in COVID-19 times even more so, so here are some tips for buying well in any property market.   Many investors don’t know where to start – and it can become quite overwhelming. And yet, at least financially, buying well, and in the right location, may be one of the most important decisions of your life. The right research and information is critical to your success. So how do you research effectively to get the right location and …

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Adviseable How many Investment Properties in enough

How many investment properties is enough?

Have you ever read articles or heard people declare the number of investment properties they’d like to buy as a target? Commonly they will say something like “I want to retire on ten investment properties”. We love working with ambitious, optimistic people that have aspirations like this and we would never wish to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. However, an important part of our role as property advisers is to provide perspective and maintain realistic expectations. These big goals are great and most are achievable over time if the right planning is in place. Our concern is that this focus on how …

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