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Tips for buying well in any property market

Being sure you are, ‘buying well’ in your next Property investment can be a daunting process at the best of times. Right now, in COVID-19 times even more so, so here are some tips for buying well in any property market.   Many investors don’t know where to start – and it can become quite overwhelming. And yet, at least financially, buying well, and in the right location, may be one of the most important decisions of your life. The right research and information is critical to your success. So how do you research effectively to get the right location and …

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Buying well in any market

How many investment properties is enough?

Have you ever read articles or heard people declare the number of investment properties they’d like to buy as a target? Commonly they will say something like “I want to retire on ten investment properties”. We love working with ambitious, optimistic people that have aspirations like this and we would never wish to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. However, an important part of our role as property advisers is to provide perspective and maintain realistic expectations. These big goals are great and most are achievable over time if the right planning is in place. Our concern is that this focus on how …

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Investment Properties

How many investment properties do I need?

One of the main objectives in accumulating investment properties is to build up an ongoing income stream. So it’s important to get an understanding of the size of your net worth and how to calculate a cash return on this so you can forecast the level of income you could receive. Your net worth is calculated by adding up the value of your income producing assets and then deducting your liabilities, which are usually your borrowings. Note that while you can use equity in your home for investment, or perhaps downsize in the future, it is not part of this …

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