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building a property team

Your Buyer’s Agent – A Not So Secret Weapon

A buyer’s agent is a relatively new profession in Australia – and only about 5% of investors are using one at this point – but the numbers are growing fast – and for a variety of reasons.  Why is the industry growing so fast, and how can a buyer’s agent save you time and make you money? Let’s look a bit more closely at what the best buyer’s agents can do for you. Especially those who are also Qualified Property Investment Advisers, and that’s only the cream of the crop.  For one thing, a buyer’s agent does a lot more …

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Chasing cash flow a short-sighted plan

There has been a common question from property investors of late and it’s all to do with cash flow – or rather yields. You see, some new investors have become so fixated on the higher interest rate environment that the only thing they’re thinking about is cash flow. They’d rather search far and wide for a high-yielding property than spend the time necessary to find an income- AND capital-producing asset. Rates rhythm There is no question that the interest rate increases since May last year have impacted an investor’s cash flow – even with higher weekly rents. However, this is …

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Perth listings lowest in 13 years as prices climb higher

Total property listings for sale in Perth have hit its lowest level in more than a decade, driving prices higher, with three city districts also tipped for plenty of upside potential, according to a national buyers’ agency. Adviseable Property Buyer Kate Hill said the Perth property market had already been experiencing robust market conditions last year, but now a significant undersupply of listings is adding further fuel to property price upswings. “According to SQM Research, total property listings in Perth in June this year were at the lowest level since May 2010 – or more than 13 years,” Ms Hill …

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Property flipping vs. buy-and-hold strategy: Which one is better for property investors?

Property flipping and buy-and-hold strategies are two popular investment strategies in the real estate market. While both strategies offer their own unique benefits, choosing the right strategy depends on several factors, including the investor’s goals, risk tolerance, and market conditions. Let’s compare and contrast the two strategies to help property investors decide which one is better suited for their needs. Property flipping, also known as house flipping, involves buying a property with the intention of quickly renovating and selling it for a profit. Advocators believe this strategy can offer quick returns on investment and can be less risky than holding …

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Squeezed property supply stirring up buyers

The undersupply of property listings for sale is continuing to fire up property markets, with some areas having the lowest supply levels for decades. While interest rates are a headwind for some potential buyers, the lack of stock for sale is driving competition and pushing prices higher. Prices accelerating The CoreLogic’s national Home Value Index recorded a third consecutive monthly rise, with the pace of growth accelerating to 1.2 per cent in May. After finding a floor in February, home values increased 0.6 per cent and 0.5 per cent through March and April respectively. Sydney continues to lead the recovery trend, …

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property ducks

Property sellers ducking for market cover

Do you remember what happened to property markets during the first year of the pandemic? Well, in 2020, amidst a variety of commentators wrongly calling the mother of property busts on the horizon, most sellers and plenty of buyers decided to wait it out. There was a lot of fear and uncertainty back then, for sure, because we were heading into the unknown from a health, economic, and property market perspective. A sense of déjà vu While our nation has experienced economic shocks before – the GFC started in 2008 for example – generally humans behave in the same way …

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gender pay gap

Record low unemployment, but the gender pay gap remains

The official unemployment rate remained at a record low of 3.5 per cent in December, according to official data – the lowest rate for some 50 years! So, we have record low unemployment and a drastic skills shortage, but it appears that these factors are not improving the gender pay gap at all – indeed it has come to a halt. In fact, according to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), progress to close the gender pay gap between Australian women and men has stalled for the first time in 2022. The gender pay gap during the 2022 financial year …

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rising market

How to buy well-priced property in a rising market

The media is telling us that property prices are plummeting. While in some locations property markets are taking a breather, other areas continue to thrive. So as property values continue to rise, getting a great deal requires good planning, patience, and plenty of commitment. Here we look at the elements to consider around how to buy property for the best possible price.  When you have done your due diligence and appropriate research, and know what the market values are in the location you are focused on, then you will know what you can expect when looking to buy property that fits your plan. If a …

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Adviseable when to buy an investment property

Too much bad news to invest right now?

So many sad events left many reeling and worried about what the heck is coming next. And it gives so so many investors the perfect excuse to not invest (again), to procrastinate, to wait and see, to just wait for things to calm down – sound familiar?

Adviseable Regional Australian Property

How Regional is TOO Regional?

Exceptional and skewed trends may send the wrong signal, particularly to first-time property investors, that every regional location is a sure-fire investment winner. 

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