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Investor exodus Victoria

Investor exodus means now is the time to buy in Victoria

With the prevailing narrative being that property investors are fleeing Victoria in droves, we believe that savvy investors should be doing the opposite. There had been much media attention on investors deserting Victoria because of its new land tax policy as well as a raft of rental reforms, but the fundamentals of the nation’s second most populous state remained overwhelmingly positive. Now is the time to invest in Victoria because of much lower competition from other investors. In the grand scheme of things, property expenses and taxes are part and parcel of owning investment properties over the long-term and they […]

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Victorian Property Market Update

Victorian property market update

The property market in Victoria, Australia, has been subject to quite a lot of ‘tinkering’ as the state government looks to find new ways to raise revenue. Despite this, there are still opportunities to be had in property investment in Victoria, as you’ll learn in this discussion with Kate Hill and Terry Ryder (Hotspotting). If you’ve enjoyed this video then you might like to subscribe to our YouTube channel, or browse through our latest videos. If you’d like entirely independent and unbiased advice that’s right for your unique situation and goals, then get in touch with us today. Read the transcript I’m

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Is Victoria still a good place to invest?

Melbourne’s property market has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past year, transitioning from a struggling market to a growing one and emerging as a national leader in growth momentum. Nearly half of Greater Melbourne’s suburbs are now considered rising markets, with an impressive 87% of them showing positive rankings in Terry Ryder’s Hotspotting analysis. This shift represents a significant turnaround from the situation at the beginning of 2023. This resurgence in market activity extends across the entire Greater Melbourne area, with the exception of the Mornington Peninsula. Most locations are experiencing thriving market conditions. Furthermore, Melbourne’s inner-city apartment market,

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Why Delacombe is an investment destination on the rise

It’s no secret that Ballarat was the apple of many a homebuyer and investor’s eye over the past decade or so. Its location just 100 kilometres from Melbourne, coupled with its relative housing affordability and diverse local economy, saw the region’s property market post solid growth for a number of years. However, all of the reasons why the region as a whole made savvy investment sense then still stands – albeit with some more specific targeting to root out the very best opportunities. Don’t disregard Delacombe  One area that has been showing plenty of promise is the large and rapidly

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Five affordable suburbs for investors and homebuyers priced under $550,000

After several months of rate rise-induced falls, home prices are on the up and up once again in much of the country as intense buyer demand spreads, according to national buyers’ agency Adviseable.  But for homebuyers and investors on a tight budget, there are still pockets that offer prime opportunities to purchase an affordable property with good long-term prospects. “In many parts of Australia, especially our biggest capital cities, it’s extremely difficult to find a property priced under $550,000 – but there are suburbs where affordable homes are still available,” Adviseable Property Buyer Kate Hill said. According to the latest

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Why Victoria’s land tax is bad news for investors and tenants

“The increased costs for investors could negatively impact housing supply and hike rental payments for tenants” Victoria’s state budget included a new policy that would see land taxes temporarily increase over the next 10 years, which, according to experts will ultimately hurt property owners and tenants. The state government also plans to cut the tax-free threshold for land tax from $300,000 to $50,000. This change will see additional annual payments of $500 for properties up to $100,000 in value and around $975 for those up to $300,000. Properties exceeding $300,000 will see annual land tax rise by $975 plus 0.1%

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property ducks

Property sellers ducking for market cover

Do you remember what happened to property markets during the first year of the pandemic? Well, in 2020, amidst a variety of commentators wrongly calling the mother of property busts on the horizon, most sellers and plenty of buyers decided to wait it out. There was a lot of fear and uncertainty back then, for sure, because we were heading into the unknown from a health, economic, and property market perspective. A sense of déjà vu While our nation has experienced economic shocks before – the GFC started in 2008 for example – generally humans behave in the same way

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Interstate Property

How to buy Interstate Property

All savvy property investors are open to buying property interstate, as they aren’t bound to one particular area they ‘know’ or even ’like’ – and so will use up-to-date data to determine where the next hotspots are, to help them to maximise their return, rather than buy in areas they are familiar with, or live close to.  But when you’re getting ready to buy in new locations – even buying interstate – it’s of course extremely important that you do your due diligence, and you know what you are getting into. Every state has its own laws, opportunities and flaws – and

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affordable investment

4 Affordable Investment-grade Suburbs Revealed

It might seem counter-intuitive, but this year is actually better than last year for prospective property buyers looking to purchase strategically, according to a leading national buyers’ agent. With lending for homebuyers and investors reducing since interest rates began rising at the start of May, as well as property prices softening in many locations, opportunities were opening up for savvy buyers with smaller budgets, Adviseable Property Buyer Kate Hill said. “Some of the property prices that emotional homebuyers were paying last year were completely bonkers to the tell the truth,” Ms Hill said. “This meant that we stayed on the

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Ballarat Town Centre

Why I am bullish about Ballarat

There has been plenty written about the strength of Australia’s regional property markets over the past two years in particular. However, some major regional centres were making property waves long before that because of their growing populations and significant new or upgraded infrastructure. A case in point in Ballarat, which is only just over one hour’s train journey on the new and improved line north of Melbourne. Ballarat has been classed as one of our nation’s strongest regional cities from a property investment point of view for some time because of its diverse economy, low unemployment, population growth, as well

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