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refinance a loan

When should I refinance a loan?

Guest Blog – Tina Howes – SmartMove   Once of the hottest topics in the mortgage industry at the moment when you should refinance a loan. Lenders are giving customers between $2,000-4,000 simply to bring their business across. The market is aggressive out there and refinancing is something you may be considring, but is it right for you? What does it mean to refinance a loan? This is when you take your mortgage to another lender usually to obtain a better rate or restructure of your loan. Here are my key tips on when the right time to refinance: If …

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Retired couple celebrating

How much do you need for your retirement?

How are your finances stacking up for your retirement? Can the average Australian build a retirement ready property portfolio? Will your retirement nest-egg be enough to provide you with the lifestyle you expect? How big will your asset base need to be, for you to be retiring comfortably? What is realistic and achievable? We have crunched the numbers to put together a guide to creating a ‘comfortable’ passive income in retirement by using the leverage available to you through property investment. Facts about retirement in Australia ASIC and MoneySmart suggest the average Australian couple will need around $64,000 a year …

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Property listings remain tight but demand is easing… in some places

Without question, most property markets in 2021 were absolutely bonkers! The constrained supply of for sale listings, alongside the huge numbers of buyers keen to transact, meant that there was heated (and many times overheated) competition for properties. Some of the prices that people were paying were absurd and will likely wind up being a pain in their financial backsides in years to come. However, we were still able to purchase properties for our clients that fit their investment briefs as well as their budgets because we’ve been doing so for years and years. Alas, some buyers opted to work …

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Adviseable Regional Australian Property

How Regional is TOO Regional?

Exceptional and skewed trends may send the wrong signal, particularly to first-time property investors, that every regional location is a sure-fire investment winner. 

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