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Positive Cash-flow vs Capital Growth, which is best?

Most property investors starting out on their journey will ask themselves, “What is my goal, positive cash-flow or capital growth?”. It’s an important consideration now more than ever, as COVID-19 has so many people spooked, and because we all have unique circumstances, there is no universal right or wrong answer to this question. Positive cash-flow is favoured by many property investors for a multitude of reasons: A positive cash-flow property allows you to, ‘get into the game’ and afford the property on a day-to-day basis. In an increasingly difficult lending environment, higher yielding properties can really help get finance over …

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positive cash-flow

The Pandemic Procrastination Effect

While we are all experiencing some challenging times with the spread of the coronavirus, it’s quite understandable and also ok to be experiencing what we’re calling CPPE – the coronavirus pandemic procrastination effect (expression stolen with permission (so not really stolen haha) from a lovely client of ours …). Quite the mouthful ! But it’s definitely a thing ! You are worried about your job, you’re worried about you’re partner’s job … your job is safe for now, but your friends are losing their jobs, you’re worried about the after-effects of the economy etc etc. We could go on all …

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What is it with safety in numbers? Are you following the herd?

It’s another subject dear to our hearts as property advisers, and something we come across all the time. As qualified property advisers and expert buyer’s agents we always assess a client’s personal circumstances and discuss potential suburbs and areas suitable for property investment. This is normal for us, a crucial part of what we do, we are expert researchers and we love talking property. What we do hear a lot though, is someone questioning whether an area is good or not because it hasn’t grown much in value recently. This is human nature and a completely normal reaction. I mean, …

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Following the herd

Is now the time to buy Property in Australia..?

How are you, your family and your working from home? Somehow, and strangely, many of us are finding ourselves with much more time – and most of are trying to put that time to good use. How about planning to start or increase your Property Portfolio? Is now the right time to buy property in Australia ?   Let’s face it, 2019 was an interesting year for many Property Investors in Australia, and 2020 will be considered a right-off by many. But what are the opportunities out there, and where where are the next hot spots? How do we go about …

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10 Property Money Rules To Live By

If you’re finding it tough to manage your money, here are 10 easy money rules that might help you get back on the straight and narrow.   and actually the most obvious, NEGOTIATE A GOOD PURCHASE PRICE. Always be prepared to negotiate on the price of the property. We recommend a subtle approach, because selling agents are human beings after all, and have sold price evidence to support your argument to hand if you need it. Don’t ever rush into the process. If you’re nor confident about your negotiating skills, consider employing a buyer’s agent. If you’re bidding at auction, …

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Money Rules To Live By

Are you concerned about a decline in property prices?

The world around you seems to be going beserk ! The media is full of stories about a potential decline in property prices. It’s hard to keep a cool head and stick to your plan. Just look at the crazy behaviour of people in your local supermarket. You’d be forgiven for thinking we were preparing for some sort of apocalypse. The media obsession and people’s lack of understanding of the new flu virus, has lead to the herd mentality at its worst. But how will all this affect the housing market, and will it affect the housing market at all …

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decline in property prices

Should I Buy a Home or an Investment Property First?

Probably the most frequently asked question we’ve had over the years is: “Should I buy a home or an investment property first?“. It’s such a big decision and it can really affect your future financial success and ultimately your peace of mind. The decision-making process in buying a home to live in vs buying an investment property Is likely to be very different. Why? Because most people prefer to live in a property that they like. Aesthetic and location considerations of the property will be a major factor, as well as personal lifestyle preferences. The decision will be emotional. Buying …

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Can I still Invest in Property if I’m close to Retirement?

Most people we talk to in the 55+ age bracket have started thinking seriously about their retirement income. And so many times we’ve heard, ‘Have I left it too late to invest in property?’ Given that the ideal investment timeline to achieve a decent capital return and income stream with property is usually around 15 years, it’s a fair question. However, we don’t think it means you’ve necessarily ‘missed the boat’ if you are in this category and want to invest in property. Something to consider when deciding to invest in property prior to retirement is that life expectancy has …

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invest in property

When should you sell your Investment Property?

“I wonder if I should sell my investment property?” This is a question nearly every property investor asks themselves at some point, and occasionally we get asked to advise on this topic as well. Residential property by nature is mostly a very slow and steady asset class. At Adviseable, we feel it’s best to take a medium to long term view when buying an investment property, as the normal time-frame to see meaningful results is usually around 10-15 years. Yes, there can be boom periods, which can last up to about 5 years, but at other times the market can …

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investment property

Why Should I buy an Off the Plan Investment Property?

A very common question we hear from investors entering the market for the first time is, “Should I buy an off the plan investment property?” Sometimes this question is framed as, “Should I buy a new investment property?” We’ve all probably wondered about this at some point. It’s a ‘loaded’ question, as there are a number of variables to take into account before we can give a valid response. Your budget, ongoing cash-flow requirements and even your appetite for risk, are factors that always need to be considered before you make any serious investment. Now, if you were to ask us …

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off the plan

Positive Cashflow isn’t the only upside of SMSF Property Investment

An important consideration when assessing the viability of an investment property is not only the capital growth potential, but the possibility of finding a positive cashflow. This could determine whether you can afford to hold the property (or not) on a day to day basis. As a starting point it’s important to get an understanding of the gross rental yields available in any given market that you are considering. In the example below, the chart indicates rental yields for investment houses in Sydney.  The low gross rental yields of around 3% are an indication of how difficult it would be …

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positive cashflow

The Australian Property Investor Catch 22 (and what to do)

If you are an aspiring Australian Property Investor you may experience a Catch 22 situation at the start of your journey. For the new Australian Property Investor, the cycle usually goes like this: You learn about an investment strategy or opportunity. You give it some thought, but It seems like too much hard work. So, then you start looking at another strategy that seems easier, but it’s not as easy or risk free as you had hoped, so that doesn’t work out either. Eventually, you stop trying, and conclude in your mind, “I just don’t know enough!” So, you seek …

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australian property investor

Yes, it’s time to get into ‘Rentvesting’

The term, ‘rentvesting’ has gained popularity over the last couple of years. It simply means buying an investment property that you can afford, while you continue to rent Rentvesting is a popular option when we hear one of the most common questions we’ve been getting over the last few years. It comes from people that are currently renting or still living at home with their parents. The question is, “should I buy a place to live in or should I buy an investment property”? Now a property guru would offer logic and number crunching to show that there is very …

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Have I left it too late to start investing in Property?

Almost everyone who contacts Adviseable who is ready to start investing, is already satisfied that property suits them as an asset class – they don’t need any convincing.. They’re either paying off their own home, invested in property previously or maybe even know someone that has done really well from property. The bottom line is that they know that to start investing in as soon as possible makes sense, but for various reasons there is still a hesitation in moving to the next level. One of the areas of indecision seems to be around timing. Over the years one of …

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