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Australia’s Population Boom: Challenges and Opportunities

Australia is experiencing rapid population growth, and the latest data indicates that the record population increase observed in 2022 has continued into 2023. This surge in population is primarily driven by a notable increase in net migration following the pandemic-related border closures. The influx of people, particularly students, into Australia is defying the usual trend of students departing after completing their terms. This demographic shift highlights the pressing need for more housing to accommodate the growing population and enhanced infrastructure to ensure a high quality of life in our cities. According to a recent report from PropTrack, the population grew …

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The pros and cons of investing in commercial vs. residential properties in Australia

Investing in real estate can be a great way to build wealth over time, but it’s important to consider the differences between commercial and residential properties before making a decision. Each type of property has its own set of pros and cons, and understanding these can help investors make informed decisions about where to put their money. Commercial real estate is typically defined as properties used for business purposes, such as office buildings, retail spaces, warehouses, and raw land. Residential real estate, on the other hand, includes properties used for living purposes, such as single-family homes, apartments, and condos. Here …

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Don’t let the “turkeys” ruin your retirement plans

The latest property investment research has shown that investors are selling many of their properties around the nation – but I don’t think they should be. The 9th Annual PIPA Annual Investor Sentiment Survey found that about 12 per cent of investors sold one or more of their rental properties around the nation in the past 12 months. Last year’s survey found 16.7 per cent of investors had sold at least one property in the previous two years. PIPA estimated that hundreds of thousands of rental properties have been sold in the past three years, with the majority of these bought …

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Short Term Changes Don’t Matter

I read an article by Terry Ryder from hotspotting the other day, that really rang true for me. And the point was / is this.  One of the common ways in which the media can mislead consumers regarding the state of the real estate market is by placing undue importance on month-to-month statistics. For instance, when the price growth data from a single source indicates a decrease in growth from the previous month, media outlets often sound the alarm, predicting a looming downturn. Terms like “nosedive,” “plummet,” and “fall off a cliff” suddenly dominate headlines across various media platforms. However, …

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What does the latest inflation measure mean for interest rates?

Inflation has now dropped to its lowest level in nearly 18 months, which was a result that surprised many forecasters as well as the Reserve Bank, too, it seems. According to the Consumer Price Index for the June quarter, headline inflation fell to six per cent in June from seven per cent in March, which was weaker than market expectations of 6.2 per cent and lower than the RBA’s official forecasts. Headline inflation has now fallen nearly two percentage points from 7.8 per cent in the December quarter to six per cent in the June quarter – or in just six …

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5 property blunders to avoid

It seems when it comes to property market conditions and some questionable buyer decisions of late, what is old is new again An undersupply of properties for sale is breathing life back into many property prices around the nation, but it’s also resulting in some people making some quite silly decisions as well because of their fear of missing out. Of course, these turns of events are like déjà vu of what occurred only a few years ago during the pandemic.  The Winter edition of Hotspotting’s Property Price Index (PPI) found growing evidence of recovery in a variety of big …

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Media Fearmongering: The Property Upswing is Here

The media has a long history of predicting the end of the world, playing on our natural fear of the unknown. As property investors, we’ve seen countless headlines warning of a property market collapse, fueled by the media’s need for attention and survival. Fear sells, generating clicks and ad revenue. While the media can provide valuable information during real threats, it’s crucial to separate the noise from the signal. The media’s negativity can influence home buyers and investors, making it difficult to make sound decisions. However, it’s important to remember that the media is often “wrong”, they often publish so …

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Property Investor Strategies

Must know Beginner Property Investor Strategies

If you bought property in a great area before the pandemic then chances are that you have some useable equity in that property.  This means equity you could use to buy an investment property.  But what if have never done that before?  If you’re a beginner property investor, it can be daunting to figure out where to start. There are a lot of different strategies out there, and it can be hard to know which ones are the most effective and also the most suitable for you and your personal circumstance.   First off, and of course I’m going to say …

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finacial health

What are you doing to improve your financial health and wellbeing?

The latest research on the gender pay gap has seen it drop to the lowest level on record, which is something to be celebrated. However, Australia’s national gender pay gap remains 13.3 per cent. To put this into perspective, according to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) as of November 2022, women’s average weekly ordinary full-time earnings across all industries and occupations was $1,653.60. Australian men’s average weekly ordinary full-time earnings are $1,907.10.  That’s $253.50 less than men each week, which over the course of a year adds up to be $13,182. Now, if you multiply that by 10 years, …

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Only 27 per cent of property investors are female

New research has highlighted the disparity between property investor genders with only 27 per cent of women indicating they own investment property. The 2022 PIPA Annual Investor Sentiment Survey asked survey respondents for their gender for the first time in its eight-year history which produced the telling statistic.  The co-authors of the 2022 Australian personal finance and investment business book of the year, The Female Investor: Creating Wealth, Security & Freedom Through Property, Nicola McDougall and Kate Hill, said lower rates of female property investment was another financial headwind women faced. “Throughout their working lives, women have to navigate the …

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the herd

Don’t follow the property herd

Property price growth has been huge throughout many Australian suburbs and towns in the past two years. That growth may have softened in some areas, but investors be warned, if you are waiting for values to fall substantially before you buy, there’s still plenty of growth to happen in 2023. Property investment adviser Kate Hill of Adviseable joined Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder in a webinar to discuss how and where to find growth in 2023. She says opportunities will come from buying in markets with growth credentials at a time of record low vacancies and rising rental yields – while …

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housing affordability

The Great Housing Affordability Debate

Housing affordability is a constant debate going on in Australia There are real consequences if the Government move to make housing ‘more affordable’.. reviewing negative gearing or capital gains provisions for investors, for example – neither of which will actually make housing more affordable. Most major cities around the world who don’t use similar tax structures also have very high prices – like London, Hong Kong or New York – and any significant policy changes can have a real effect on the economy such as impacting the financial and retail industries, they have a dire effect on tenants and …

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waiting for investments

Why waiting for the herd is not a strategy

Something quite interesting started to happen way back in mid-2019, but most homebuyers and investors missed it. That’s because, some three-plus years ago, asking prices for properties in our three biggest capital cities started to increase quietly. Of course, this was before the pandemic darkened our doors, and generally, most people thought that markets – especially in Sydney and Melbourne – were in a trough. By that stage, the peak of the growth cycle in both of those cities had been over for a few years, but there were signs of strengthening market conditions for a few different reasons. One …

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Interstate Property

How to buy Interstate Property

All savvy property investors are open to buying property interstate, as they aren’t bound to one particular area they ‘know’ or even ’like’ – and so will use up-to-date data to determine where the next hotspots are, to help them to maximise their return, rather than buy in areas they are familiar with, or live close to.  But when you’re getting ready to buy in new locations – even buying interstate – it’s of course extremely important that you do your due diligence, and you know what you are getting into. Every state has its own laws, opportunities and flaws – and …

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rising market

How to buy well-priced property in a rising market

The media is telling us that property prices are plummeting. While in some locations property markets are taking a breather, other areas continue to thrive. So as property values continue to rise, getting a great deal requires good planning, patience, and plenty of commitment. Here we look at the elements to consider around how to buy property for the best possible price.  When you have done your due diligence and appropriate research, and know what the market values are in the location you are focused on, then you will know what you can expect when looking to buy property that fits your plan. If a …

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property news

Why you must turn that property frown upside down

The past few weeks has seen a significant uptick in doom and gloom reporting. We have monthly reports of softening property prices, scary projections of dwelling value falls, plus, never-ending conjecture on where interest rates will end up peaking. All in all, the plethora of bad property news is really starting to bum me out! And it’s not because market conditions are not producing moderating metrics. Rather, it’s that all the negative reporting is making people think that property has all of a sudden become a bad idea, when that’s just not the case.  Reason for optimism Recently, the Property …

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How to retire early

It can seem a real pipe-dream for many Property Investors to have enough equity to retire early. But there are plenty of young investors doing just that. When we look at property prices these days, the costs of maintaining a portfolio, and the amount of net worth we’ll need to retire, it can seem a long way off to young investors. But if you want to speed up your retirement, and maximise your returns, as young successful investors show us, there’s no point waiting until tomorrow to get started with smart investing. What are some strategies for retiring early? It …

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Female Investor

The Great Wealth Transfer Is Under Way

What is the great wealth transfer? New research has found that the great wealth transfer is under way and it will be women and not men who will hold the most wealth in the years ahead. Of course, I would hope this was because of the skyrocketing numbers of female investors – and that day will hopefully arrive – but the reason for this shifting financial balance of power is simply due to longevity. That is, by 2025, it is estimated that women will hold 60 per cent of Britain’s wealth, having inherited most of it from their deceased spouses, …

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Retired couple celebrating

How much do you need for your retirement?

How are your finances stacking up for your retirement? Can the average Australian build a retirement ready property portfolio? Will your retirement nest-egg be enough to provide you with the lifestyle you expect? How big will your asset base need to be, for you to be retiring comfortably? What is realistic and achievable? We have crunched the numbers to put together a guide to creating a ‘comfortable’ passive income in retirement by using the leverage available to you through property investment. Facts about retirement in Australia ASIC and MoneySmart suggest the average Australian couple will need around $64,000 a year …

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