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Ballarat Town Centre

Why I am bullish about Ballarat

There has been plenty written about the strength of Australia’s regional property markets over the past two years in particular. However, some major regional centres were making property waves long before that because of their growing populations and significant new or upgraded infrastructure. A case in point in Ballarat, which is only just over one hour’s train journey on the new and improved line north of Melbourne. Ballarat has been classed as one of our nation’s strongest regional cities from a property investment point of view for some time because of its diverse economy, low unemployment, population growth, as well […]

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Adviseable Buying property well in any market

Tips for buying well in any property market

Being sure you are, ‘buying well’ in your next Property investment can be a daunting process at the best of times. Right now, in COVID-19 times even more so, so here are some tips for buying well in any property market. Many investors don’t know where to start – and it can become quite overwhelming. And yet, at least financially, buying well, and in the right location, may be one of the most important decisions of your life. The right research and information is critical to your success. So how do you research effectively to get the right location and deal

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Adviseable decline in property prices

Are you concerned about a decline in property prices?

The world around you seems to be going beserk ! The media is full of stories about a potential decline in property prices. It’s hard to keep a cool head and stick to your plan. Just look at the crazy behaviour of people in your local supermarket. You’d be forgiven for thinking we were preparing for some sort of apocalypse. The media obsession and people’s lack of understanding of the new flu virus, has lead to the herd mentality at its worst. But how will all this affect the housing market, and will it affect the housing market at all

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Adviseable investment property in the city versus country

City versus Country Property Investment

City versus country – it’s a question regularly asked by investors – not just ‘where should I buy?’ – but, should I buy in the city, or further out, and if so, how far out? At the end of the day, it’s all about the fundamentals. Let’s have a closer look. Typically, in metropolitan areas, closer to the city, transport, infrastructure, jobs, schools, Universities and city culture, the capital growth over time tends to be higher. At the same time, rental yields (the rent return relative to the value of the property) tends to be lower. So, more expensive property,

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Adviseable where to buy an investment property

Where to buy? Inner city or outer suburbs?

Today we are looking at the virtues and values of where to buy – an inner city property versus one in the outer suburbs We must start off by saying that the strategies, purchases, timings and options vary from one investor to the next – there is no one fixed solution or location as to where to buy for all property investors. But it is a worthwhile and interesting exercise for any serious property investor to understand the typical pros and cons of the considerations around where to buy when considering an inner city or an outer suburb location. Generally

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