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Adelaide Property Purchase


Adelaide remains a consistent property market … with more potential

The enduring stability that characterizes the Adelaide market remains evident, as most recent surveys of market trends in this city reveals active markets and rising property prices in the majority of suburbs across the South Australian capital. Consistency is the defining hallmark of the Adelaide market. And what’s not to love about that? While there are relatively few suburbs in Adelaide classified as experiencing a rise in market activity, there is a significant number of suburbs demonstrating consistency, with sales levels maintaining a steady course over the past few years. In aggregate, seven out of 10 suburbs boast positive rankings, […]

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property ducks

Property sellers ducking for market cover

Do you remember what happened to property markets during the first year of the pandemic? Well, in 2020, amidst a variety of commentators wrongly calling the mother of property busts on the horizon, most sellers and plenty of buyers decided to wait it out. There was a lot of fear and uncertainty back then, for sure, because we were heading into the unknown from a health, economic, and property market perspective. A sense of déjà vu While our nation has experienced economic shocks before – the GFC started in 2008 for example – generally humans behave in the same way

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Why North Adelaide is marching to its own property drum

The plethora of property metrics being published lately is showing some stark differences between locations around the nation. Now, this is not unusual at all, because historically our nation has always been made up of a number of different markets doing different things at the same time because of a variety of diverse economic factors.  That was why the boom market conditions around almost the whole nation during 2021 was so unusual because generally that doesn’t happen.  Now, though, we are definitely starting to see market cycle differences with some select suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne apparently posting double-digit median

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Interstate Property

How to buy Interstate Property

All savvy property investors are open to buying property interstate, as they aren’t bound to one particular area they ‘know’ or even ’like’ – and so will use up-to-date data to determine where the next hotspots are, to help them to maximise their return, rather than buy in areas they are familiar with, or live close to.  But when you’re getting ready to buy in new locations – even buying interstate – it’s of course extremely important that you do your due diligence, and you know what you are getting into. Every state has its own laws, opportunities and flaws – and

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affordable investment

4 Affordable Investment-grade Suburbs Revealed

It might seem counter-intuitive, but this year is actually better than last year for prospective property buyers looking to purchase strategically, according to a leading national buyers’ agent. With lending for homebuyers and investors reducing since interest rates began rising at the start of May, as well as property prices softening in many locations, opportunities were opening up for savvy buyers with smaller budgets, Adviseable Property Buyer Kate Hill said. “Some of the property prices that emotional homebuyers were paying last year were completely bonkers to the tell the truth,” Ms Hill said. “This meant that we stayed on the

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