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Fewer than half of all women working full-time

The fact that the gender pay gap exists but doesn’t really seem to be changing is thankfully in the spotlight more than ever over recent decades. Plus, new research is being produced regularly that highlights the income disparity between men and women throughout their working lives. This is one of the main reasons why I truly believe that women need to forge their own financial paths via strategic property investment, because many will struggle to achieve the same lifetime earnings as their male counterparts – even if they are at the top of their careers it seems.  Women Earning less …

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buying a property together

Buying a property with a family member or friend

Guest Blog – Tina Howes – SmartMove In more recent years, as property has become more expensive, buying a property with another party other than your partner or spouse has become more common as a way of pooling deposits and getting in to the market sooner but doing so is not without its complexities or potential downfalls.  I have summarised the key points to be aware of before entering into this type of arrangement.  Loan application Both purchasers will be assessed for their ability to afford the loan jointly. If you are both on the title on the property, you …

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investment property

Should your next investment property be a house or a unit?

If you’ve been thinking about your next investment property, you’re likely considering a house or a unit. A question we receive often at Adviseable is, what are the differences between these two, and is one better than the other? While it is a fair question, let’s unpack the difference between houses and units and investigate them further. The property you invest in could reflect what is currently available in the market and how much you have budgeted for that particular investment. However, don’t forget that the main idea of investing is getting the right amount of return for your dollar. …

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Female Investor

The Great Wealth Transfer Is Under Way

What is the great wealth transfer? New research has found that the great wealth transfer is under way and it will be women and not men who will hold the most wealth in the years ahead. Of course, I would hope this was because of the skyrocketing numbers of female investors – and that day will hopefully arrive – but the reason for this shifting financial balance of power is simply due to longevity. That is, by 2025, it is estimated that women will hold 60 per cent of Britain’s wealth, having inherited most of it from their deceased spouses, …

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Retired couple celebrating

How much do you need for your retirement?

How are your finances stacking up for your retirement? Can the average Australian build a retirement ready property portfolio? Will your retirement nest-egg be enough to provide you with the lifestyle you expect? How big will your asset base need to be, for you to be retiring comfortably? What is realistic and achievable? We have crunched the numbers to put together a guide to creating a ‘comfortable’ passive income in retirement by using the leverage available to you through property investment. Facts about retirement in Australia ASIC and MoneySmart suggest the average Australian couple will need around $64,000 a year …

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How to negotiate on a property

In such a high-value market – when investors are often making their very biggest purchasing decisions – understanding the key factors around how to negotiate when purchasing property, in order to secure the very best deal, is critical Getting your head around these key considerations to ensure you get the right property at the right price can mean the difference between great success and real failure as a property investor. And of course, when dealing with such large amounts of money, understanding how to negotiate on a property to help secure the right price at the right time can mean …

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Adviseable when to buy an investment property

Too much bad news to invest right now?

So many sad events left many reeling and worried about what the heck is coming next. And it gives so so many investors the perfect excuse to not invest (again), to procrastinate, to wait and see, to just wait for things to calm down – sound familiar?

Adviseable Money Rules To Live By

10 Property Money Rules To Live By

If you’re finding it tough to manage your money, here are 10 easy money rules that might help you get back on the straight and narrow. 1. It sounds obvious, but NEGOTIATE A GOOD PURCHASE PRICE. Always be prepared to negotiate on the price of the property. We recommend a subtle approach, because selling agents are human beings after all, and have sold price evidence to support your argument to hand if you need it. Don’t ever rush into the process. If you’re nor confident about your negotiating skills, consider employing a buyer’s agent. If you’re bidding at auction, then …

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Adviseable decline in property prices

Are you concerned about a decline in property prices?

The world around you seems to be going beserk ! The media is full of stories about a potential decline in property prices. It’s hard to keep a cool head and stick to your plan. Just look at the crazy behaviour of people in your local supermarket. You’d be forgiven for thinking we were preparing for some sort of apocalypse. The media obsession and people’s lack of understanding of the new flu virus, has lead to the herd mentality at its worst. But how will all this affect the housing market, and will it affect the housing market at all …

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Adviseable Property Experts call out spruikers

Picking your Mortgage Broker

The importance of the Mortgage Broker Many people head straight to their own bank when buying property. If this is indeed going to be your “strategy”, you may be missing out on some significant benefits. It really does pay to use a mortgage broker when shopping around for your loan. Even if you want to use your own bank for your mortgage, you can still use a broker to help process paperwork and manage the application on your behalf, and there is no direct cost to you. Some clients will say that their heart is set on using a particular …

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