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Toowoomba – a property market in bloom

Toowoomba is known colloquially as the Garden City because, you guessed it, its temperate climate and elevation nearly 700 metres above sea level means it has an over-abundance of flora. The city – about 125 kilometres directly west of Brisbane – has had its annual Carnival of Flowers since 1949. But Toowoomba is no longer just known for its pretty streetscapes and blooming gardens. Instead, this city of 180,000 people within reach of the Queensland capital has benefited from major infrastructure projects over recent years – including its own privately owned airport! So, let’s unpack why we’ve been purchasing property […]

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borrow money

Is it still possible to borrow money in 2024?

In recent times, borrowing money has become increasingly challenging, posing significant hurdles for individuals and businesses alike. In the dynamic landscape of Australia’s property market, aspiring homeowners face mounting challenges when seeking to secure financing for their property purchases.  The current economic climate, characterized by a confluence of factors, has significantly tightened the borrowing environment, making it increasingly difficult to obtain loans for property acquisition. One prominent reason contributing to this difficulty is the evolving macroeconomic conditions, including tightening monetary policy and surging inflation, which has prompted lenders to exercise greater caution. Additionally, the reduced tolerance for risk among central banks,

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Your Buyer’s Agent – A Not So Secret Weapon

A buyer’s agent is a relatively new profession in Australia – and only about 5% of investors are using one at this point – but the numbers are growing fast – and for a variety of reasons.  Why is the industry growing so fast, and how can a buyer’s agent save you time and make you money? Let’s look a bit more closely at what the best buyer’s agents can do for you. Especially those who are also Qualified Property Investment Advisers, and that’s only the cream of the crop.  For one thing, a buyer’s agent does a lot more

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women work

Women work 56 days extra yearly to earn same as men

The 25th of August this year is a date that is becoming increasingly important on the calendars on anyone who believes in financial equality. That’s because that date this year – Equal Pay Day – marked the 56 days into the new financial year that Australian women must work to earn the same, on average, as men did last year, according to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). And it’s not just because women sometimes work in lower paid or female dominated industries that have pay inequality.Just look at the success of the Women’s World Cup here in Australia recently

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Only 27 per cent of property investors are female

New research has highlighted the disparity between property investor genders with only 27 per cent of women indicating they own investment property. The 2022 PIPA Annual Investor Sentiment Survey asked survey respondents for their gender for the first time in its eight-year history which produced the telling statistic.  The co-authors of the 2022 Australian personal finance and investment business book of the year, The Female Investor: Creating Wealth, Security & Freedom Through Property, Nicola McDougall and Kate Hill, said lower rates of female property investment was another financial headwind women faced. “Throughout their working lives, women have to navigate the

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