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Why Melbourne is a prime investment destination

Why Melbourne is a prime investment destination

By guest blogger: Terry Ryder, As a real estate analyst in Australia for over 40 years, I’ve seen various markets rise and fall, aligning with the dynamic nature of property investment. In a recent webinar with buyers’ agent Kate Hill of Adviseable, Kate offered compelling insights into why Melbourne, despite common misconceptions, currently presents a significant investment opportunity that rivals the most popular markets like Perth. Melbourne’s market positioning The webinar titled “Why Melbourne Makes More Sense Than Perth” unpacked the unique position of Melbourne in the property market cycle. The city is currently poised at a point similar […]

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Investor exodus Victoria

Investor exodus means now is the time to buy in Victoria

With the prevailing narrative being that property investors are fleeing Victoria in droves, we believe that savvy investors should be doing the opposite. There had been much media attention on investors deserting Victoria because of its new land tax policy as well as a raft of rental reforms, but the fundamentals of the nation’s second most populous state remained overwhelmingly positive. Now is the time to invest in Victoria because of much lower competition from other investors. In the grand scheme of things, property expenses and taxes are part and parcel of owning investment properties over the long-term and they

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Victorian Property Market Update

Victorian property market update

The property market in Victoria, Australia, has been subject to quite a lot of ‘tinkering’ as the state government looks to find new ways to raise revenue. Despite this, there are still opportunities to be had in property investment in Victoria, as you’ll learn in this discussion with Kate Hill and Terry Ryder (Hotspotting). If you’ve enjoyed this video then you might like to subscribe to our YouTube channel, or browse through our latest videos. If you’d like entirely independent and unbiased advice that’s right for your unique situation and goals, then get in touch with us today. Read the transcript I’m

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