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Why Melbourne is a prime investment destination
Why Melbourne is a prime investment destination

By guest blogger: Terry Ryder,

Terry Ryder Hotspotting

As a real estate analyst in Australia for over 40 years, I’ve seen various markets rise and fall, aligning with the dynamic nature of property investment. In a recent webinar with buyers’ agent Kate Hill of Adviseable, Kate offered compelling insights into why Melbourne, despite common misconceptions, currently presents a significant investment opportunity that rivals the most popular markets like Perth.

Melbourne’s market positioning

The webinar titled “Why Melbourne Makes More Sense Than Perth” unpacked the unique position of Melbourne in the property market cycle. The city is currently poised at a point similar to where Perth was a few years ago—just before it witnessed substantial growth. This timing is crucial for investors looking to enter the market before prices escalate, ensuring higher potential for significant capital gains.

Economic and demographic growth

Melbourne boasts a robust state economy and nation-leading population growth, factors that are instrumental in driving real estate value. Infrastructure developments further bolster this growth, creating more reasons for both occupiers and investors to consider Melbourne a viable option. Such economic stability and growth potential make Melbourne a strategic choice for property investment.

Strategic market entry

The discussion highlighted the wisdom of entering a market like Melbourne during its current cycle phase. Investors are encouraged to look at historical data and trends, which suggest that entering a market before it reaches its peak—much like Melbourne now—can lead to higher returns. This approach helps investors avoid the pitfalls of entering overheated markets, where the cost of entry is high and the subsequent growth potential is limited.

Diverse investment opportunities

Melbourne’s diverse economy and demographic trends offer a range of investment opportunities. From bustling city locales to quieter suburban areas, the diversity in property types and locations caters to a broad spectrum of investment strategies. Whether looking for high-growth potential or stable rental yields, Melbourne provides a portfolio of options that can be tailored to meet various investment criteria.


Investing in Melbourne is not just about capitalising on economic growth or demographic trends; it’s about strategic market timing and understanding the cycles of property markets. The insights from the webinar reinforce the notion that Melbourne is at a pivotal point, similar to Perth three years ago, making it an ideal time for property investors to consider entering the market.

For those looking to expand or diversify their investment portfolios, Melbourne offers a promising landscape with the potential for substantial growth. It’s a market where strategic investments can yield significant returns, supported by strong economic indicators and a vibrant population growth trajectory.

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