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The Pandemic Procrastination Effect

While we are all experiencing some challenging times with the spread of the coronavirus, it’s quite understandable and also ok to be experiencing what we’re calling CPPE – the coronavirus pandemic procrastination effect (expression stolen with permission (so not really stolen haha) from a lovely client of ours …). Quite the mouthful ! But it’s definitely a thing ! You are worried about your job, you’re worried about you’re partner’s job … your job is safe for now, but your friends are losing their jobs, you’re worried about the after-effects of the economy etc etc. We could go on all …

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Tips for buying well in any property market

Being sure you are, ‘buying well’ in your next Property investment can be a daunting process at the best of times. Right now, in COVID-19 times even more so, so here are some tips for buying well in any property market.   Many investors don’t know where to start – and it can become quite overwhelming. And yet, at least financially, buying well, and in the right location, may be one of the most important decisions of your life. The right research and information is critical to your success. So how do you research effectively to get the right location and …

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Buying well in any market

Looking to buy property for under $400K? There’s still some good options…

If you’re currently looking to buy property in Sydney or Melbourne for investment, it’s likely that you are not only stretching your budget, but also struggling to get a decent rental yield This is mostly due to prices in these two markets rising much faster in the last 5 years than gross rents, making the investment far less affordable. In fact McGrath founder and real estate veteran John Mcgrath noted recently that when looking to buy property in Australia there are “two housing markets, Sydney/Melbourne and the rest of the country, which can be broken up into regional areas and other …

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How to Negotiate When Buying Property

You need to be flexible when buying property. We often see people following some basic rules when it comes to negotiating on property and that’s a good thing; putting a strategy in place, for example and knowing what the maximum price is that they are willing to go to. But …. what many people sometimes miss is that you need to be flexible when negotiating on property. You need to adapt to the market conditions that you’re buying property in. It’s good to have a technique in place that you use and that works for you but you need to …

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buying property
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