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How to Negotiate When Buying Property
buying property

You need to be flexible when buying property.

We often see people following some basic rules when it comes to negotiating on property and that’s a good thing; putting a strategy in place, for example and knowing what the maximum price is that they are willing to go to. But …. what many people sometimes miss is that you need to be flexible when negotiating on property. You need to adapt to the market conditions that you’re buying property in. It’s good to have a technique in place that you use and that works for you but you need to be able to change and adapt this technique and develop a new one if you’re going into different market conditions in another city or state. This is not only because the legislation and buying process may be different there. If you don’t adapt and are not flexible in your approach then you are going to keep missing out on good opportunities. If it’s a hot market, but one still worth buying in, then you will need to rethink how you approach the sales agents who will not call you back because they have 5 other people in the phone queue asking the same questions.

An email request for information through is going to get you exactly no-where. You will need to be more resourceful than that. We are not suggesting that you compromise all your principles, that you bow down to all agent demands, or that you pay too much for a property … EVER!
But think about how you’re going to get to those listings when every property you call about has sold. Think about how you present yourself as a buyer, are you an attractive prospect for them ? And know those market conditions and market values of the properties inside and out.

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