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The Female Investor


Fewer than half of all women working full-time

The fact that the gender pay gap exists but doesn’t really seem to be changing is thankfully in the spotlight more than ever over recent decades. Plus, new research is being produced regularly that highlights the income disparity between men and women throughout their working lives. This is one of the main reasons why I truly believe that women need to forge their own financial paths via strategic property investment, because many will struggle to achieve the same lifetime earnings as their male counterparts – even if they are at the top of their careers it seems.  Women Earning less […]

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poverty investing

Relationship breakdown pushing women into poverty 

New research out recently makes for very sober reading for any woman who is concerned about her financial future.Research from From Partnered to Single: Financial Security Over a Lifetime, by the Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research, has found that when a heterosexual relationship breaks down, women are at a much higher risk of falling into poverty than men – especially if they have children to care for. The research by Dr Barbara Broadway and Professor Guyonne Kalb from the University of Melbourne found that a woman’s household income decreased on average by thirty per cent after a breakup,

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election result for women

What will the election results mean for women?

The election result is in, and we’re glad it’s over! I don’t know about you, but at myself and the Adviseable team are very pleased that the election results are in and Federal Election is now over! While the impact on property markets didn’t seem to be as pronounced as during previous campaigns, the endless policy launches and general “one-up-man-ship” does get a little tiresome as the weeks drag on. Most polls had pointed to a change in government – although they did last time, too, and were wrong – but generally speaking I don’t think many people are surprised

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