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Exploring Queensland's rental reforms

Exploring Queensland rental reforms

In recent years, Queensland, Australia, has witnessed significant shifts in its rental landscape, driven by a wave of legislative reforms aimed at addressing various challenges within the rental market. From rent increase caps to portable bond schemes, the Queensland Government has embarked on a journey to overhaul rental laws in a bid to create a fairer and more transparent renting environment. These reforms, implemented with the intention of stabilizing rents and democratizing the rental market, have sparked discussions and debates among stakeholders, including tenants, landlords, policymakers, and real estate professionals. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Queensland’s […]

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rental properties

Where have all the rental properties gone?

It was only a little over two years ago that the shuttering of our international borders was seemingly going to see our rental markets flooded with empty rental properties.  Sure, for a short period, inner-city unit stock in Sydney and Melbourne bore the brunt of the pandemic; but everywhere else started to experience the opposite. Rental vacancy rates had been falling for several years before the pandemic. Actually, their downward trajectory was already well entrenched before 2020. So, where have all the rental properties gone when our population has flat-lined? There is no definite answer to this question. But, it

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rental properties

Critical undersupply of rental properties to persist

Rental Properties around Australia New data released recently has confirmed the critical undersupply of rental properties around the nation. According to SQM Research, the national residential rental vacancy hit just one per cent in March – the lowest level in 16 years. The last time the national vacancy rate was this low, “Kevin07” wasn’t even a thing yet! To understand what this metric really means it’s vital to know that the equilibrium point of supply and demand in the rental market is generally considered to be three per cent. This means that a vacancy rate of one per cent is

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