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Where have all the rental properties gone?

It was only a little over two years ago that the shuttering of our international borders was seemingly going to see our rental markets flooded with empty rental properties.  Sure, for a short period, inner-city unit stock in Sydney and Melbourne bore the brunt of the pandemic; but everywhere else started to experience the opposite. Rental vacancy rates had been falling for several years before the pandemic. Actually, their downward trajectory was already well entrenched before 2020. So, where have all the rental properties gone when our population has flat-lined? There is no definite answer to this question. But, it […]

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Ten Top Tips for Boosting Your Rental Income

As a professional property investor, one of the key metrics to analyse, and maximise, is the rental income you are receiving on your rental properties You often don’t need to do a full renovation to boost your rental income. There are some small things you can do yourself that can make a big difference. Here are ten top tips to maximising the potential rental income on any property: 1. Check out the competition Conduct some research into how much similar properties in your area are renting for, and the standard and features of these properties. Are they modernised and up-to-date?

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