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Adviseable Money Rules To Live By

10 Property Money Rules To Live By

If you’re finding it tough to manage your money, here are 10 easy money rules that might help you get back on the straight and narrow. 1. It sounds obvious, but NEGOTIATE A GOOD PURCHASE PRICE. Always be prepared to negotiate on the price of the property. We recommend a subtle approach, because selling agents are human beings after all, and have sold price evidence to support your argument to hand if you need it. Don’t ever rush into the process. If you’re nor confident about your negotiating skills, consider employing a buyer’s agent. If you’re bidding at auction, then …

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Adviseable property management fees

Property Management fees. How much is too much?

The wide range of property management fees you’ll find in different markets around Australia might come as a bit of a surprise when you start investing. It would be fair to assume that they should be quite similar; after all they’re all providing the same service, right? At Adviseable we still regularly hear the comment, “Why is there such a difference in property management fees if they’re all doing the same thing”? Let’s have a look at this concern in more detail, because it’s not as straight forward as it seems. It’s important to understand the value behind property management …

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