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property investment mistakes

Adviseable when to buy an investment property

Too much bad news to invest right now?

So many sad events left many reeling and worried about what the heck is coming next. And it gives so so many investors the perfect excuse to not invest (again), to procrastinate, to wait and see, to just wait for things to calm down – sound familiar?

Adviseable Regional Australian Property

How Regional is TOO Regional?

Exceptional and skewed trends may send the wrong signal, particularly to first-time property investors, that every regional location is a sure-fire investment winner. 

Adviseable property investment mistakes

Common Costly Property Investment Mistakes

Successful property investment can secure lifelong financial prosperity – but through missed opportunities and common investment mistakes, you can also lose a lot of money. Property Investment is all about buying the right property, in the right location, at the right price. Most investors, who have lost money in Australia in the last 50 years, generally fall into three groups. 1. Those that didn’t use the best market data and opportunities of the time Research is the key definer of success. Buying in the wrong area is often the problem here. People often buy somewhere only because they personally like …

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