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Can I still Invest in Property if I’m close to Retirement?

Most people we talk to in the 55+ age bracket have started thinking seriously about their retirement income. And so many times we’ve heard, ‘Have I left it too late to invest in property?’ Given that the ideal investment timeline to achieve a decent capital return and income stream with property is usually around 15 years, it’s a fair question. However, we don’t think it means you’ve necessarily ‘missed the boat’ if you are in this category and want to invest in property. Something to consider when deciding to invest in property prior to retirement is that life expectancy has […]

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Adviseable How many Investment Properties in enough

How many investment properties is enough?

Have you ever read articles or heard people declare the number of investment properties they’d like to buy as a target? Commonly they will say something like “I want to retire on ten investment properties”. We love working with ambitious, optimistic people that have aspirations like this and we would never wish to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. However, an important part of our role as property advisers is to provide perspective and maintain realistic expectations. These big goals are great and most are achievable over time if the right planning is in place. Our concern is that this focus on how

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