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Area Profile Geelong Victoria

Area Profile – Geelong Victoria

In this latest property update, we narrow in on a property hotspot you might not have had on your radar – Geelong, Victoria. It might not have the glitz of the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast in Queensland’s South-East, but Geelong is a regional centre that is starting to shine very brightly indeed. With above-average population growth, significant infrastructure projects and a number of suburbs with an affordable median house price, Geelong is attracting home owners and investors alike. Find out more about this thriving regional city in this area profile by our own Kate Hill. If you’ve enjoyed this […]

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Why are so many people buying in Geelong?

Why are so many people buying in Geelong?

Why so many people are moving to, and buying property in, Geelong? If you imagine some of the fabulous regional places around Australia that people often move to, you no doubt picture locales near the ocean – and you’d be partly right. In fact, the two fastest growing regional areas in the nation are the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland. But, here’s the thing, the third place-getter doesn’t have the profile of either of these places, and it is hardly where most people would spend their holidays either, yet, it this major region is pulling

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