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Adviseable who will rent

Who will rent your property, and where will you find them?

One of the biggest fears for investors buying their first property is who will rent their property, and how they will manage their finances if the property isn’t rented for an extended period of time. The worry of who will rent can stop investors in their tracks, where they put off that important investment and go on to kick themselves for missing the latest boom. The fact is, if you pay attention to the key indicators and data – in this case – checking vacancy rates, the diversity of stable employment in the area, along with ensuring the property type is […]

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Adviseable finding the best tenants

Top Tips for Finding Fantastic Tenants

As a property investor finding fantastic tenants that are honest, reliable, clean, responsible and trustworthy is something we all aspire to. Somewhere along the way though – if we are not very lucky – we can lose real time and money dealing with challenging tenants. So how do you go about finding fantastic tenants, and reducing your risk of something going wrong? Keep in mind that your property manager – assuming you are not doing this role yourself – should take up the slack and provide the services to manage many of the items below – but having a checklist

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