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refinance a loan

When should I refinance a loan?

Guest Blog – Tina Howes – SmartMove   Once of the hottest topics in the mortgage industry at the moment when you should refinance a loan. Lenders are giving customers between $2,000-4,000 simply to bring their business across. The market is aggressive out there and refinancing is something you may be considring, but is it right for you? What does it mean to refinance a loan? This is when you take your mortgage to another lender usually to obtain a better rate or restructure of your loan. Here are my key tips on when the right time to refinance: If […]

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borrowing capacity

Should I buy Owner Occupied or Investment First?

Guest Blog – Tina Howes – Smartmove Recently I’ve been approached by some clients that are sitting on large cash deposits and are wanting to buy an owner-occupied property and an investment. Due to reduced income currently (one had a baby on maternity leave, the other hasn’t yet returned to work since having children but is looking to go back in 3 months) they are wanting to buy the investment property first. While this seems like a good idea, I wanted to share my views as to why I would generally advise against this:  The process would normally involve completing

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