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How much research is necessary before you buy a property?
Adviseable how much research is necessary for investment property

As we know there’s a massive amount of information available for any aspiring property investor in Australia today. It’s very hard to know which of it we should pay attention to..

We lead very busy lives, and we don’t have time to filter through everything to attempt to decipher the quality material – that is relevant to us, from the rest. So how much research is necessary before we take the plunge and buy our next property?

With an ever increasing number of property spruikers, real estate agents, commentators, websites and ‘experts’ – unless you know exactly what you are looking for, and from where, all of this information becomes overwhelming and often leads to significant delays in our process of moving forward – or worse – analysis paralysis.

Confusion reigns, we put it in the ‘too hard’ basket, and we don’t move forward

We put off making our biggest and often most important decisions, as we just aren’t sure what we should do. This is a very common issue, and a niggling one for us, when we know we should be getting on with it.

Of course the answer is, we will never be 100% sure what we should do. We will never have all of the perfect information, the perfect property, or the perfect time and place to buy

There is no such thing as perfect in a constantly moving environment. But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take decisive action of course.

So, how much research is necessary before you buy a property? What should you consider, read and study and when should you stop?

At Adviseable we encourage our clients to understand the market as well as they can, with the time they have to dedicate to it. There are of course wonderful and credible resources available, great commentators, investment magazines, and publicly accessible key data which can be very useful.

Most important is knowing what questions to ask – and then being able to refine your research to credible information to best answer those questions

Having a close eye on, and constantly updating your critical path is also very important. Where are you in the process towards investing – and what are the next sets of considerations based on the stage of your investment journey? Usually people have good knowledge in some areas, but need research or advice in others.

The job of a good advisor will be to uncover the detail and information you need to get you through the cloud of information out there, and quickly out the other side where you have a full and confident view of where you are going and why. This is critical in helping you to get efficiently to a point where you can be confident to make those important decisions to move forwards, and be in a position ready to purchase the best property for you.

Our regular round table meetings bring like-minded investors together to ask questions and talk through the best information and data that we can access

How much research is necessary? Well, we have done the work of filtering through the huge amount of information out there – and we can direct you to the best of it – as well as providing a refined and concise process to take you through, to get to the key detail that you need based on your particular circumstances. Every investor has a unique set up, risk profile and set of considerations.

Seeking independent and experienced support to help you cut through the mass of information out there, and help ensure you are investment ready, have asked the right questions, and have the detail you need to move confidently forward to a better future – is why we are here.

Whether you are an experienced property investment professional, or a first home buyer, we have the process and tools to help you move confidently to the next level

Every week we are helping investors get the right information they need to take the action they need to achieve their goals. Every week we are purchasing properties on behalf of our clients, once they are comfortable in the knowledge that they have all of the tools, research and data they need to confidently move forwards. So how much research is necessary before you buy a property? That depends on you and the quality of your Property Team.

Get in touch with us today, and see how we can save you time, money and stress when it comes to your property investment


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