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Why are more and more property investors using independent Property Agents and Buyers?
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There are literally thousands of Real Estate agents, Mortgage Brokers, Property Lawyers, Accountants and other Property related professionals in Australia. How on earth do we, as property investors, filter through all of these options, and get the right advice for us, when it comes to our biggest financial decisions? By using an expert in the field, of course.

Whether you are buying a home, looking to start on your journey into an investment property, or expanding your property portfolio, using a Property Agent to advise you makes perfect sense

This is exactly why more and more property investors are wisely choosing experts in the field to get the right advice, to cut through the huge amount of information and options out there, and to focus in on what is right for their particular circumstances.

As an aspiring Property Investor, and before making any considerable and important decision with your money, there are a number of essential considerations to take into account and to integrate into your planning.

Property Investors with a commitment towards financial freedom and retirement, realise it’s critical for their future they get it right

Increasing your net worth is a common goal, and one that should be approached of course with proper consideration and due diligence.

So just what are some of the reasons why you should use a professional Property Agent?

  • Where to buy! There are literally thousands of areas around the country to consider – it would take years to get to know the market as well as someone who does it professionally.
  • There is a huge amount of data relating to the market – considerations around how to buy in the right markets to suit you
  • A partner who helps drill down into and better understand your particular needs and goals
  • A professional who can help in negotiating with industry can save you real money
  • Many investors are time poor – a massive reduction in paperwork and admin for you, which is better done by an experienced professional saves time and maximises professionalism
  • Reduce stress and tap into an extensive network. The increased access and awareness of the best professionals to use, such as Mortgage brokers, Lawyers and Accountants, and the likelihood of better rates and options
  • Awareness of spruikers and salespeople flogging investments – which can destroy lives if not recognised
  • Knowing how to work in volatile and moving markets and within property cycles
  • Understanding the key options around how to maximise your rental and capital growth returns
  • Having insider information and insights, tools and know-how around industry best-practice
  • Your assurance of the calm comfort of having a professional in your corner
  • Minimising the real risks around probably your biggest financial decisions in life
  • Understanding the considerations of the most important questions to ask before investing
  • Taking the title of, ‘Property Investor’ seriously – removing emotion, personal bias and reducing the potential of expensive mistakes
  • Taking advantage of educational opportunities such as round table investor sessions, and the opportunity to meet other investors and learn from their experience also
  • The comfort of using an award winning adviser, personally recommended by their clients
  • Receiving up to date monthly information and data on the industry and the best opportunities
  • The assurance that professional bodies like PIPA regulate their members
  • Qualified, licenced and tested professionals means a specialist in Property Investment allowing a clear statistical advantage to a better outcome, and a demonstrable return on investment
  • Empathy towards your particular circumstances – your fears, hopes and dreams
  • Professional skills knowing how to focus on, develop, and achieve your specific goals
  • Not being tied to any particular development, broker, or area – but an Agent incentivised around your success
  • A personal, one-on-one approach, building a trusted and solid relationship with your adviser – not a cookie cutter approach like a big company or bank
  • A bespoke tailored solution based on your personal circumstances and risk profile
  • Ultimately the real likelihood of saving and making more money and in achieving your goals

All of these factors show the obvious reasons more and more Australians are using independent and licenced property advisers and buyers to guide them when making their most significant financial commitments. It makes complete sense.

Have no doubt, working your way through the quagmire of options and information out there is a massive job, with a never-ending amount of differing information coming out each day. You have to get it right.

Using a qualified professional when it comes to important decisions, in any field, is obviously the way to go. Any good management book suggests that we should focus on what we do best – so using the right adviser for your biggest investment decisions is a no-brainer.

If you have any questions, or are ready to get the ball rolling, give us a call now on 1300 077 766


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