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Building your Property Buying Team
Adviseable property investment team

In order to build a great Property Buying Team, you really need to think about the kind of qualities you want from the particular specialist.

When spending our life savings, or at least making a major investment, it is of course important that we use exceptional service providers as we want the process to be stress free and as efficient as possible – minimising any problems that could come up later on. You need the right Property Buying Team if you are serious about buying the right property.

We also want our dealings to be as effective and predictable as possible, to minimise our time spent, and maximise our peace of mind, and the quality of the purchase. For property buying success, every purchaser needs a trusted team of service providers around them.

So who do we need in our Property Investment Team?

A property adviser and mentor

If you are a new or seasoned buyer, and unless you want to do all of the work yourself, you will need someone who can keep an eye on your purchase, your goals, and help you keep your strategy and plan up to date. Make sure that this person is qualified to give you property advice and that they have an actual qualification, like the whole team at Adviseable. Make sure they aren’t selling you property from a stock list that they have, but are genuinely independent and searching for property on the open market for you. We can’t stress enough how important this is.

A mortgage broker

Independent mortgage brokers are getting more and more of the market share because they have access to a wider range of loans. It isn’t necessarily your bank that’s going to have the best deal for you anymore. Think about it. If you stroll into your bank, they’re not going to tell you that they don’t have the right loan structure for you or that they can’t give you the interest rate that you want. They will do their utmost to sell you one of their products … and they certainly won’t recommend that you go to the bank next door who DO have what you’re looking for.

Just like using an independent property adviser, using an independent mortgage broker is a good idea when you’re investing and it won’t cost you a cent. Your adviser can help recommend you to a good broker. Getting the right broker can save you a lot of money in the short, medium and long term, as they can access more loans with a wide panel of lenders. Make sure your broker has got clout with the banks and knows how to push your loan applications through. Contact us today if you need any help with this.

Conveyancer or lawyer for contract advice

Having a trusted legal person to guide you through your contracts and look after your interests is really really important. You’re better off getting somebody widely experienced and recommended rather than to shopping around for the cheapest price. Come settlement time you don’t want any unexpected contract issues or losses. If you’ve gone with an online or cheapest conveyancer then you won’t get the service and experience you need to get your deal over the line.

Accountants and financial planners

Talking to your accountant before you make any property buying decisions is really important. Accountants will help you set up the correct tax structure dependent on your particular circumstances. This is critical as having the right structure can help you minimise your taxes, maximise opportunities such as negative gearing, and put you in the best position to be able to accumulate wealth.

Real estate agents and buyers agents

As a property buyer, you will usually have to deal with real estate agents, and many others trying to sell you property. Any agent commissions should be transparent. Usually, the vendor of a property pays the commission to real estate agents on the sale of that property. The buyer should only pay a fee to a property buyer if they’re engaged to find a property for them. You want to look for independent, qualified, experienced and recommended advisers here, who can deal with the right Real Estate Agents for you. There’s a minefield of agents and spruikers out there trying to sell property, so an experienced buyer who knows the lay of the land, is worth their weight in gold.

Property managers

If you’re an investor then experienced property managers are an essential service provider. They look after the day today rental issues, such as the managing of tenants, maintenance, and leasing your properties. We have written another article on what’s involved in being a property manager – it’s a very serious job, and it’s very important to get it right to maximise your returns.

Valuers & building inspectors

Pest and building inspectors ensure that there are no nasty surprises in the building for any property that you’re looking to buy. You need these experts to be assured that the property is in good shape and is being well maintained.

When looking for the right service providers you should start with a property adviser who can help direct you towards appropriate experts.

Qualities to look for when choosing a Property Buying Team to work with:

• They are available and open and have ethics that match yours
• A personality you respect and can get along with
• You can easily get various personal recommendations of their work
• You can check to see if they have won industry awards
• They are an expert in their field with the necessary qualifications, experience, track record and exceptional service you need

Getting the right Property Buying Team together for your most significant investment of course is essential to your success.

Knowing which kind of professionals you will be dealing with in regards to property purchasing is one thing – finding the best ones and working with them efficiently and effectively is another.

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