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The election is over and we are sharing the love today

Today we want to say thank you to some our lovely clients who have sent through some great feedback to us in this last week.

We are always looking to improve so feedback on the service we provide, the client experience is very important to us so we like to say thank you to those who have taken the time to complete these. If you are interested in or thinking about property investment or using a buyer’s agent, you MUST make sure that the people you use are qualified, licensed and are acting in your best interest.

Remember that property marketing is really just sales, it’s not property investment advice, if they have a stock of properties on offer to you, then this is sales. Find out how they are getting paid to “help” you and don’t be shy about finding out about their commissions and kickbacks.

Always do your research and make sure they are finding out about your situation, your goals and your risk profile. And find out HOW they are qualified to ascertain these things. IF they are not doing this then how do they know what they are selling you is right for you ?? It seems obvious and yet so often this doesn’t happen.

Be smart, check the PIPA website to source professionals who are QPIA qualified. Be smart, check the REBAA website to find a buyer’s agent who follows a code of ethics.

Give us a call today if you need property investment advice or need a buyer’s agent who is NOT selling you any property. 1300 077 766


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