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Is a local or national buyers agent best?
Is a local or national buyers agent best?

More and more investors are purchasing interstate every year as they recognise the potential of buying in locations that are primed for future capital growth.

But is it best to use a buyers’ agent who is local to a specific area, or one who has a national focus?

And, how does an everyday investor know which areas are showing the most potential anyway?

Of course, the answer to that question in particular is that most don’t.

Rather, they may have read media stories about a city or region being the latest hotspot, then simply decide that they should invest there, and hunt out a local buyers’ agent to help them purchase “something”.

Such a strategy is fraught with issues, though, because that area is probably not the best location for them to invest in at all – not that a local buyers’ agent would tell them that. 

Now, that doesn’t mean that a local buyers’ agent doesn’t have great knowledge of their patch and probably has good local networks, too.

However, an agent with a national reach has a much broader scope geographically. And if your buyer’s agent is a Qualified Property Investment Adviser then they will also have expertise on which property investment strategy is the most suitable for each one of their clients. Like all the advisers at Adviseable.

For example, a local buyers’ agent will likely only recommend suburbs and properties that are within their local area of expertise, because that is where they are based and that’s what’s the easiest for them.

But that might not suit you as an investor because you might not have enough money to purchase in that location, the yield might be underwhelming, and it might not even be a future capital growth area at all.

Yet, that particular location is where a local buyers’ agent will recommend because that is where they operate.

Think about it this way – imagine if you walked into a bank asking for a home loan and the bank manager actually suggested you go to a rival bank instead because they offered a better product? Of course, that would never happen, and is why mortgage brokers exist.

A national focus

For some, the argument against national buyers’ agents, though, is that they have limited knowledge of myriad places, compared with local buyers’ agents who seemingly know a lot about limited locations.

Well, to that I would say nonsense because often that’s merely the local agent being protective of their turf.

National buyers’ agents seek out the best property investment locations – without fear or favour – because they want to provide superior opportunities to their clients.

They are not biased because they live in a particular area, nor because the majority of their clients come from a specific city.

Rather, we spend countless hours researching markets around the nation, before jumping on planes to conduct on-the-ground research that involves connecting with local area professionals.

The most professional national buyers’ agents also never buy sight unseen either.

One of the most valuable services we provide, however, is working with each client individually to ascertain the optimal property investment strategy and location for their specific financial circumstances now and into the future.

We take a much more holistic approach to ensure that investors are purchasing in areas that have the most upside potential – regardless of which state or territory they are located in.

This is why I believe national buyers’ agents offer a much more personalised, unbiased and appropriate service that is also always in the client’s best interest and is never swayed by where our office is located.

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