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Why Develop ?

Development gives the investor more control over the potential profitability of the property investment process, which can in turn accelerate wealth creation. Furthermore, newly constructed property can provide the investor with significant advantages such as:

Increased Tax-Effectiveness

The newer the property, the greater the tax deductions via depreciation. This in turn can notably improve cash-flow, effectively making property ownership more affordable to the investor

Lower Maintenance

Newly constructed property means no prior wear and tear, greatly reducing the need for ongoing maintenance or the replacement of any furnishings or fittings. This not only equates to a more cost-effective investment property, but also contributes towards making ownership hassle free

Enhanced Tenant & Resale Appeal

With its contemporary design & finish and untarnished condition, the appeal of newly constructed property can provide an edge when seeking tenants or a future buyer

Stamp Duty Savings

As stamp duty is not payable on the cost of constructing a new property, this can save the investor thousands of dollars in upfront costs when compared to purchasing an equivalently priced established property

Quality Control

With strict building codes in place and each stage of construction being independently ‘certified’, the owner of a newly constructed property can rest assured knowing that it has been completed to a modern standard and in accordance with rigorous industry guidelines


Constructing an investment property from scratch enables the savvy investor to customise the design to best suit local tenant criteria and resale demand


Newly constructed properties come complete with a Builder’s Warranty period of up to 6 years following completion. This provides the investor with the safeguard of support from the builder in the event that an issue arises

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